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About transport

Transport has become a domain in which providing the top quality of service is currently no longer a challenge but a duty.



As one of the key elements of logistics, it has become the driving force behind many logistical processes around the world.

Dlaczego DKLL Logistic

Why us?

We understand the expectations of our customers and, consequently we can meet them. We are creative, flexible, honest and dependable. To put it simply, we are professionals.


  • Looking for manufacturers
    • we will find the product you are looking for
  • Audits and manufacturer credibility check
    • when you decide to do business with an Asian partner,
      we will check everything for your peace of mind!
  • Consolidation
    • we will combine your consignments into one – no problem
  • Customs clearance
    • the final but equally important stage, our agency will also deal with customs clearance in the soonest possible time.
  • Transaction verification
    • we will ensure that your financial transactions with Asian countries are 100% safe
  • Checking goods
    • we will ensure that the products ordered by you meet your expectations
  • Strorage
    • we will store your consignments, prepare them for shipment, and secure them accordingly

About Us

Transport offers a range of services related to logistics management and supply chain management. We provide innovative solutions created by the best people, while their skills combined with technology and experience give you tremendous value for your business. We understand the expectations of our customers and, consequently we can meet them.

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Ask for a quotation!

We like to listen to our customers and support their actions in the best way possible. Contact us if you would like to have your cargo priced or have any questions about import or export, we will be glad to address them as soon as possible!