DKLL Logistic

DKLL-logistic is a logistic company, we deal with the organization of logistical processes that involve, air transport, rail transport and sea and road transport.

In order to meet the expectations of nowadays market in the age of globalization, we provide innovative solutions in the field of logistics to ensure that the goods entrusted to us are in good hands – the hands of professionals.

Our cooperation with many reputable partners in the world markets gives you the guarantee of quality of our service.

Transport offers a range of services related to logistics management and supply chain management.
We provide innovative solutions that create the best people, and their skills combined with technology and experience, give you tremendous value for your company and business.

With over 10 years of experience, we understand what a vital role we play for our customers. We strive to work seamlessly with our customers as if we were an in-house department.
Our company understands the expectations of our customers, and consequently – they can meet them.

China as the largest Asian exporter is the world leader in the production of goods.

Air transport, rail transport and sea transport from that part of the world have become everyday.

For 25 years the transport and logistics industry has been developing continuously and the main direction of development is transport from China and other Asian countries such as India, Taiwan and South Korea.

Transport from China is a process that should be in the hands of professionals with experience in the organization of logistics processes.

Air transport is the fastest possible means of transport, and once it is set in line, China’s rail transport has recently become a great alternative to very long waiting times for imported cargo by sea.

Our company at the start has chosen two main directions of development, it is air transport and rail transport.
This is a complex process approach.

Air transport saves time
Air transport is a convenience
Air transport is security
Air transport is a delivery as fast as possible
Air transport is the ability to ship from anywhere in the world

Rail transport is reliable
Rail transport is timely
Rail transport is systematic
Rail transport is repeatability
Rail transport is the present